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Acura TL Factory Amplifier Replacement

Are you not satisfied with the sound quality of your Acura TL’s factory sound system? Are you starting to consider replacing the factory amplifier? We recommend you start with replacing the stereo if you are really looking for the best bang for your buck when it comes to upgrading. If you are set on upgrading the factory amplifier the information below should help. If you find that your Acura isn’t as loud as you would expect it to be the cause is often a factory amplifier going bad. The bad amplifier will limit the audio output and you will experience very low audio levels. This is a common failure of the Acura TL factory amplifier. The best solution is to simple replace the amplifier with one of our plug and play amps or another factory amplifier that does not suffer from the same problem.

This video will help you also.

The factory amplifier is a 6 channel amplifier but not your standard six channel. The Acura TL came equipped with high definition audio capable of surround sound. This means the factory amplifier has the following outputs:

  • Front Left (20W)
  • Front Right (20W)
  • Rear Left (20W)
  • Rear Right (20W)
  • Subwoofer (40W)
  • Center Channel (10w)

The factory amplifier powers all the speakers including the factory subwoofer. You can replace the factory subwoofer while using the factory amplifier with a free air component subwoofer with a final impedance of two ohms. We offer an upgraded subwoofer package that can be found here.

The center channel is a mix of the front two speakers which is almost impossible to find in aftermarket amps. The most common upgrade on the Acura TL is accomplished with a five channel amp. If you are going to replace the factory amp but not upgrade your speakers please beware that all factory speakers are 2 ohms. The factory amplifier is located in the passenger kick panel and is secured by three bolts. The amplifier has two connection one used for power and output to all the speakers(gray connector), one used for the audio inputs and remote turn on(black connector).

While the upgrade possibilities for your Acura TL are endless if you are looking for a plug and play alternative we are now selling a plug and play amp package to replace the factory amp and subwoofer. We also sell an amp bypass harness to replace your factory amp without cutting any wires that allows you to install your own amplifier. The bypass harness can be used to replace your factory amplifier by giving you access to all the necessary audio inputs and outputs. The bypass harness can also be used to power your door speakers directly from your new aftermarket radio bypass the factory amplifier.

We often find that customers are confused with what it means to bypass the factory amplifier. If your factory amplifier is working and you are installing a new aftermarket radio we suggest you use that same factory amplifier to power the audio system in the car. By using our installation accessories you can keep that factory amplifier with your new aftermarket radio and keep all of your factory speakers working. If your factory amplifier is bad and you would like to use the power from the new radio to power your speakers our amp bypass will allow you to do so but you will lose the subwoofer. We now also offer a t harness to help you add a subwoofer amp without any cutting our wire tapping. You just have to hook it up at the factory amp in the kick panel.

Another common upgrade that is performed but not always understood is adding aftermarket subwoofer to the factory system with our without an aftermarket radio. If you want to just add a subwoofer to your system you do not need to bypass or interact with the factory amp at all. You can grab your audio signal of the factory subwoofer if you are keeping the factory radio or use the RCAs out of the back of the aftermarket radio to feed your new subwoofer amplifier a signal. Most customers install an amp just for extra subwoofers in the vehicle, these are often in the trunk and use a custom enclosure like this one or a general box for subs. When doing this we recommend to just unhook the factory subwoofer for the best sound quality.

If you are interested in reading on what is needed to replace the factory radio check out our breakdown on our homepage or if you are wondering what it takes to replace the factory subwoofer in your Acura TL take a look at our article here.

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  1. With the amp bypass harness, do I lose the functionality of the center speaker in the dash? And what would you recommend if I already replaced the factory radio, and I plan on adding an amp for 2 subs anyways, but would not mind putting my mids and highs on a separate amp?

    1. The amp bypass gives you connection to every speaker including the center speaker. If you just want to add subs you can use our other product a tharness.

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