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2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Acura TL Aftermarket Radio DIY Wiring Instructions

Disclaimer: Installing an aftermarket radio in your Acura TL will result in the loss of the center dash speaker and the factory hands free link. The center speaker is not retained so you will lose factory navigation audio prompts. Also the steering wheel controls that work with the aftermarket radio are volume up, volume down, next track, previous track and mode. The call buttons will not work with the aftermarket radio or the navigation prompt buttons on the steering wheel. Additional parts may be necessary to keep your factory steering wheel controls depending on the radio you are installing.

Notice: When replacing the radio in your Acura TL if you have a 2004, 2005 or 2006 there are only two connectors that will need to be wired to make your aftermarket radio work. If you have a 2007 or 2008 Acura TL then 3 connectors must be wired. The white connector behind the radio is not used. To complete the installation you must color match the wires to the wires on your aftermarket radio.

Here is a PDF Version

Blue 20 Pin Connector A (All Years)

A1 Yellow Constant 12V+
A3 White (RCA) FL+ RCA
A4 Red (RCA) FR+ RCA
A5 White (RCA) RL+ RCA
A6 Red (RCA) RR+ RCA
A8 Gray Steering Wheel Control Output
A9 Red Switched 12V+
A10 Blue FM Antenna Power Input
A11 Black Ground
A12 Orange Illumination Output 12V+
A13 Black (RCA) FL- RCA
A14 Black (RCA) FR- RCA
A15 Black (RCA) RL- RCA
A16 Black (RCA) RR- RCA
A20 Black Steering Wheel Control Ground


Gray 26 Pin Connector B (04-06 Only)

Pin Color Function
B1 Blue Twisted GA-NET+ Resistor Loop
B3 Blue Factory Amplifier Turn on Input 12V+
B13 White (RCA) Subwoofer + RCA
B14 Red Twisted GA-NET+ Resistor Loop
B25 Black (RCA) Subwoofer – RCA


Gray 40 Pin Connector C (07-08 Only)

Pin Color Function
C2 White (RCA) Subwoofer + RCA
C9 Red Twisted GA-NET+ Resistor Loop
C22 Black (RCA) Subwoofer – RCA
C29 Blue Twisted GA-NET+ Resistor Loop
C35 Blue Factory Amplifier Turn on Input 12V+


Gray 2 Pin Connector D (07-08 Only)

Pin Color Function
D2 Black Antenna Signal AM/FM
D3 Blue Antenna Power Input 12V+

Pioneer/Kenwood/Sony: Most Pioneer, Kenwood, and Sony radios only have one blue/white wire. This blue/white wire must be connected to the blue wires on the connectors provided in our wiring otherwise you will have no sound. If you are having trouble please call or text 877-542-2872