Ready to Upgrade Your Acura TL Radio?

Did you install an aftermarket radio and now have no sound? Or the touchscreen isn’t working? click here.

Replacing the radio in your Acura has never been simpler Our harnesses and radio accessories allow you to upgrade your Acura’s factory radio and retain your vehicles factory features such as the factory amplifier, steering wheel controls and navigation. Our harnesses, complete pnp kits and radio packages are plug and play solutions that require no wire cutting or splicing in order to install an new aftermarket in dash receiver in your Acura.

Step 1: Pick A Radio

What features are you looking for in your new radio? The most common looked for features in a new radio are Bluetooth audio streaming, apple carplay, android auto and built in navigation.

Step 2: Buy the Essentials

You will to purchase a dash kit, wiring harness, and steering wheel control module to successfully install your new radio. Our complete pnp kits come with everything you need to upgrade your radio.

Step 3: Disassembly and Installation

Dissembling your Acura TL can seem daunting specially if this is your first time taking a vehicle apart, lucky for you this is the easy part. There are about 10 screws between your and your new radio along with 4 panels that you will have to remove. You can view the disassembly video here to help guide you with your install.

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