1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 Acura TL Factory Radio Removal | Aftermarket Radio Installation Procedure

This page contains written instructions and video demonstrations on how to remove the factory radio in your 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 Acura TL.

  1. Protect your seats and have a towel ready to cover up metal parts. Also make sure to locate your radio and navigation codes.
  2. Disconnect the negative battery terminal and secure it so it does not accidentally touch the battery.
  3. Unclip the side panel trims that run from the vents to the emergency break. They pull free with moderate force.
  4. Remove 4 screws from the center console, two right by the shifter and 2 inside the center armrest pocket.
  5. Slide the center console armrest back so that it is separated from the trim around the shifter.
  6. Remove 6 screws holding the radio and the trim around the shifter together
  7. Remove 2 screws on the passenger side center console trim and unclip it from the center console.
  8. Remove 3 screws on the drivers side center console trim and unclip it from the center console.
  9. Unclip and unplug the heated seat switches. Unclip the plastic trim around the heated seat switches.
  10. Unclip the trim surrounding the shifter. Release the shifter by pressing down the shift lock release
  11. Remove 2 screws securing the center console trim to the radio trim.
  12. Pull the shifter trim panel towards you and disconnect the cigarette lighter.
  13. Remove 4 radio screws securing the radio on the sides.
  14. Unclip the radio from the dash and unplug the three connections.

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