Parking Break Bypass


  • Video in Motion Activation
  • No Programing Require with Simple Installation
  • Automatic Parking Brake Override Bypass
  • All Connections Made at the Back of the Radio
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When installing an aftermarket radio in your Acura it is often required to connect the parking break wire to the radio. This is to ensure that you are only accessing certain radio options while your car is parked and the parking break is engaged. This connection is often overlooked and results in the inability to access certain features from your radio. This is extremely common on alpine, pioneer and Kenwood aftermarket radios. The parking bypass eliminates the need to connect the radio to your vehicles parking break and also tricks the radio into thinking that the break is always engaged.

This parking bypass allows you to access the menus/features you were once locked out from while also allowing you to watch video in motion. The parking bypass is installed for you when added to your order. We wire the bypass as long as you have ordered a wired harness or complete kit.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in


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