Acura TL MDX TSX Power Acoustik Touchscreen Bluetooth CD Android Mirroring Complete Radio Kit


If you are looking to upgrade the factory stereo in your Acura TL MDX or TSX this complete radio kit contains a brand new radio and the necessary accessories to install the aftermarket radio in your Acura. After selecting your year and model please read the message shown below for what features will be lost or kept.



NOTICE: Please select your year and model for installation specific information and what factory features will continue working.

Radio Summary:
If your factory radio has failed or you are looking to listen to your own music via Bluetooth this is one of the cheapest best options available on the market. This radio isn’t made by a name brand like Pioneer or Alpine but it has all the features you could want in a new receiver at half the cost. You can use Bluetooth to play your own music and make phone calls. The CD player allows you to keep listening to your old mixes and the USB port can charge your phone and play media. This radio also has a touchscreen and a volume knob making controlling your music a breeze. It has has a HD screen perfect for adding a backup camera or using android mirroring to watch whatever is on your android phone. This radio also has the necessary outputs to power your factory amplifier and keep your steering wheel controls. If you want to add an amplifier for subwoofers this radio also has that capability. What this radio doesn’t have is Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, built in GPS, or Sirius XM capabilities. Installing this unit doesn’t require you to run a new microphone wire to the visor or other desired location. The USB input is in the front of the radio so you don’t have to run any USB extensions either. Our plug and play kit removes the need for any wiring so all you have to do is plug everything in. Our radio kit also allows you keep your factory steering wheel controls, amplifier, speakers and factory navigation in most Acura’s. *please note you will have to manually program the steering wheel controls -see video*

Who should buy this radio:
This radio is perfect for someone who wants Bluetooth audio streaming/calling and the ability to add a backup camera. This radio can also an option for those who’s factory radio has failed but don’t have a big budget to do so. An added benefit to this radio is if you have an android phone so you can mirror your screen directly to the radio. The touchscreen on this radio is responsive and has nice colors so using it to control your music is easy and enjoyable. The tactile buttons also are a great benefit of this radio. Almost all new aftermarket radios are incorporating capacitive touch buttons so its nice to have buttons you can feel and press down. Lastly this radio has an SD card slot so you can access your entire media collection instantly just by adding your SD card.

Who should look for something else:
If you want Apple CarPlay or Android Auto or you are looking for built in GPS Guidance, Sirius XM capabilities this radio is not a good choice. This radio also isn’t suggested for those who want to run multiple amplifiers or a complex aftermarket audio system. This radio works great with the factory audio system in the Acura TL, MDX and TSX but with aftermarket equipment this radio doesn’t have all the recommended settings to run multiple amplifiers. Installing a subwoofer amplifier is no problem but if you are planning to run a two or three amplifier system then we recommend a Kenwood radio instead.

About the Power Acoustik Brand:
Power Acoustik makes some awesome products. But in our personal opinion they sometimes suffer from quality control issues which leads to an inconsistent experience with the products they offer. Some products turn out to be great with no issues at all while others are unresponsive and noisy. This radio has enough positives that we decided to start offering it as an option. It’s not an award winner but it will get the job done and keep you happy. Acura Audio Garage backs this radio with a one year warranty from date of purchase so you can have peace of mind that your investment will be protected.

Additional information

Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in


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