Acura TL TSX MDX JBL Custom PNP 8 Channel DSP Amplifier


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If you have an Acura with an amplified system this JBL DSP Amplifier is perfect to take your system to the next level without sacrificing sound quality or loosing any speakers. This amplifier is configured according to your selections in the drop down menus. If you wish to change the configuration of the amplifier you will need to hook it up a computer and install the JBL software.

Before we jump into the great features of this amplifier lets talk about that bad features. The software used to tune this amplifier can easily confuse and frustrate anyone trying to make changes. The software used to tune this amplifier is difficult to install properly and only runs on windows. This amplifier can only be tuned through a wired connection with the provided USB cable. This amplifier has no mobile app for on the fly remote tuning. We offer remote tuning with our own provided tablet so that you don’t have to deal with the software if you don’t want to.

Alright now that we covered the bad lets cover the good. The DSP in this amplifier is great. It allows you to sum any channels together adjust the crossover points, the gains and even setup time alignment. This amplifier is a great choice for replacing the factory amplifier in almost any Acura including those with navigation. This amplifier has 8 channels of output which make it great for retaining all of your factory speakers and also adding an additional amplifier for subwoofers. This amplifier has a remote in and remote out so you can power other accessories. You can delay the remote out so that the other amplifier turns on after this one does. This amplifier comes with a bass control so when configured channels 7 and 8 will be adjusted by the bass knob.

We recommend this amplifier for use in your Acura TL, TSX, MDX. This amplifier can be used with Acura’s with navigation. This amplifier may require a new power line to the fuse box of your Acura depending on your configuration. Any vehicle with navigation will require a new power line to the cabin fuse box. The power line will be provided to you with the amplifier.

This amplifier is a class D amplifier that utilizes up to 40 amps of current to power each of its 8 channels with 60 watts of output at 2ohms and 40 watts of output at 4 ohms. This amplifier can be configured to power tweeters, midranges, full range speakers and subwoofers. This amplifier will improve your sound stage and provide great clean highs and nice full lows. This amplifier can power your factory subwoofer with 60 watts of power but can power an aftermarket subwoofer with 120 watts of power. Therefore a subwoofer upgrade is recommend if you plan to get the most out of the amplifier.

While this amplifier can be installed just by plugging in the connectors. In some use cases additional wiring made need to be run to the battery, fuse box or subwoofer to achieve the full power this amplifier has to offer. This amplifier is fully customized for each use case so we will reach out to you via text after your purchase to confirm the configuration and your intended use. Please provide a valid phone number so we may reach out during checkout.

This amplifier will come with everything you will need to install it. Including any additional wires that may be needed to complete the installation for your exact configuration. This amplifier will fit in the factory location of your factory amplifier. Only in Acura with the ELS audio system will both amplifier remain plugged in. In these cases you might have to mount both amps together awkwardly or relocate one of them below a seat.

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Dimensions 14 × 8 × 4 in


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