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If you have any of the following Acura’s including the Acura TL, Acura MDX, Acura RDX, and Acura TSX from years 2007 to 2013 with the ELS system you can now replace the factory radio and keep the factory amplifier in place to power all of your speakers. The factory amplifier requires digital volume control which is achieved with our interface and a dedicated external volume knob. Instructions

This integration does not keep the factory navigation working. You can retain your navigation if your car has a DVD based navigation unit somewhere in the car. The 2010 and up Acuras all have Hard Drive based navigation so you will not be able to retain it. You can only retain the navigation in some 2007-2010 Acuras. You can not retain the navigation in any 2009-2013 Acura TL.

This interface allows you to control the volume and the factory subwoofer level. This interface does not allow you to control balance and fader. You can change the EQ on the radio for the desired sound but the factory amplifier will still keep the factory crossovers in place. The factory amplifier only uses the FL and FR audio outputs of the aftermarket radio and expects the voltage of the RCAs to be between 0v- 1.3v. This means this interface can work with almost any aftermarket radio. Along with this interface you will still need the other necessary harnesses to install you aftermarket radio.

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