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If you are looking to replace the factory amplifier in your 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Honda Civic our harness makes it easy to install another amplifier to takes it place. This bypass package comes with two harnesses. One with 4 RCAs labeled FL, FR, RL and RR. These RCAs will provide your aftermarket amplifier an audio signal from the factory radio. The second harness in the package is the input to every speaker. If you want to use the factory radio to run speakers with this harness that is not possible.

The 06-11 Honda Civic has separate speaker lines for the front tweeters, door speakers and rear speakers all which come together at this one plug for easy connectivity to your aftermarket amplifier. Every speaker has a separate pair of wires for you to connect to your aftermarket amplifier. We recommend that you don’t exceed 125 Watts RMS with this package or with the factory speaker wiring to ensure the best performance out of your aftermarket audio components.

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