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Acura TL Aftermarket Radio DIY KIT Instructions

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Disclaimer: Installing an aftermarket radio in your Acura TL will result in the loss of factory route navigation guidance, the loss of center channel audio and the loss of certain hands-free functionality within the factory system. All these features are easily obtained in your new aftermarket radio along with an amazing improvement in sound quality.

Notice: The following instructions will help you wire together our DIY kit with your aftermarket radio and steering wheel control adapter.  We will refer to the blue plug as connector A and the grey plugs as connector C26 & C40. On Acura’s from 2004 to 2006 you will find connector A & C26. On Acura’s from 2007 to 2008 you will find connector A, C40 & D(antenna connector). There is also a white plug on all Acura’s that is not used when installing and aftermarket radio it is for the factory XM unit.

A1YellowConstant 12V
A3White(RCA)Front Left + RCA
A4Red(RCA)Front Right + RCA
A5White(RCA)Rear Left + RCA
A6Red(RCA)Rear Right + RCA
A8Red/BlackSteering Wheel Control +
A9RedSwitched 12V
A10BlueFM Power Antenna (04-06)
A13Black(RCA)Front Left – RCA
A14Black(RCA)Front Right – RCA
A15Black(RCA)Rear Left – RCA
A16Black(RCA)Rear Right – RCA
A20BlackSteering Wheel Control –


Pin C26ColorFunction
C3BlueFactory Amp Turn On
C13White(RCA)Sub + RCA
C25Black(RCA)Sub – RCA


Pin C40ColorFunction
C2BlackSub + RCA
C22BlackSub – RCA
C35Black(RCA)Factory Amp Turn On


Pin DColorFunction
D2BlackAntenna Signal FM/AM
D3BluePower Antenna (FM/AM)


The 2007 to 2008 Acura TLs do not have pin A10 instead the power antenna 12V signal must be connected to pin D3. Pioneer radios only provide one blue wire for amp turn on and power antenna connect both blue wires D3 and C3/C35 to that blue/white wire to have full functionality. Kenwood’s and Alpines offer an amp turn on wire along with a power antenna wire be sure to match each wire to the correct one.

The steering wheel control interface needs to connected to pin A8 Steering wheel control positive, with our harness pin A20 is already connected to ground. If you have any questions or are stuck please call us at 631-538-0068 or email us at Thank you for your business and congratulations on the new radio!

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