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How to Replace Your Acura’s Front Speakers

If you are looking for an instruction video instead click here. Also for videos on how to remove your door panel please click here.

      1. Remove the screw securing the factory speaker
      2. pull the factory speaker forward and lift up.
      3. Disconnect and remove the factory speaker. Leave the top clip inserted into the door panel.
      4. Install the two white inserts. The metal screw is for the top the black screws for the bottom.
      5. Install the speaker gasket onto the spacer.
      6. line up the spacer with the corresponding holes on the door panel. Screw the spacer into place
      7. Connect the speaker harness to the factory harness. Connect the harness to the aftermarket speaker.
      8. Mount the speaker onto the spacer and test the speaker.
      9. Pry the tweeter panel away from the door
      10. Disconnect the tweeter and carefully pry the tweeter out of the factory housing.
      11. Prepare the tweeter and tweeter cup for installation. Add the necessary foam to reduce any rattle.
      12. Install the tweeter on the factory housing and adjust the tweeter cup until it clicks into place.
      13. Connect the tweeter harness to the factory harness and aftermarket tweeter.
      14. Secure the wiring and install the tweeter housing back onto the door panel.



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