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2007 2008 2009 Acura MDX Navigation Aftermarket Radio DIY Wiring Instructions

Disclaimer: Installing an aftermarket radio in your Acura MDX with navigation requires the bypassing of the factory amplifier. Installing an aftermarket radio will result in the loss of the factory navigation, the center dash speaker, rear entertainment and the factory handsfree bluetooth functionality. The steering wheel controls that work with the aftermarket radio are volume up, volume down, next track, previous track and mode. The call buttons will not work with the aftermarket radio or the navigation prompt buttons on the steering wheel. Additional parts are necessary to keep your factory steering wheel controls depending on the radio you are installing.

Notice: These DIY instructions are only meant for MDXs with navigation covering years 2007, 2008 and 2009. Replacing the radio in your Acura MDX requires you to connect 3 harnesses behind the radio and one at your factory amplifier. To complete the installation you must color match all the wires to your aftermarket radio harness and run the provided speed wire(thick wire) from the back of your aftermarket radio to the harnesses at the factory amplifier. The MDX does not have an illumination trigger. This means you will not connect the orange or orange/white wire of your aftermarket radio harness to anything. You will have to manually dim the radio at night.

Factory Speakers/Subwoofer. When installing your aftermarket radio you must decide which speakers you are going to keep and which you are going to leave disconnected. Your aftermarket radio will not be able to drive all the factory speakers but you can just leave the doors speakers connected. If you want to keep the factory subwoofer you will need to feed pins D1 and D10 a signal with DC offset. You will also need to turn on the factory subwoofer amplifier by wiretapping pin 20 (white wire) on the 28 pin connector at the factory amplifier and connecting it to your aftermarket radios blue wire. If you are having trouble please call or text 877-542-2872.

Here is a PDF Version

Gray 18 PIN Connector D

D1 Brown/Black Subwoofer Input – (DC Offset Required )
D2 Orange/Black Center Speaker –
D3 Purple/Black Rear Right Door Speaker-
D4 Green/Black Rear Left Door Speaker –
D5 Purple/Black Rear Right Pillar Speaker –
D6 Gray/Black Front Right Door Speaker & Tweeter –
D7 White/Black Front Left Door Speaker & Tweeter –
D8 Green/Black Rear Left Pillar Speaker –
D9 Black Ground
D10 Brown Subwoofer Input + (DC Offset Required)
D11 Orange Center Speaker +
D12 Purple Right Rear Door Speaker +
D13 Green Left Rear Door Speaker +
D14 Purple Right Rear Pillar Speaker +
D15 Gray Front Right Door Speaker & Tweeter +
D16 White Front Left Door Speaker & Tweeter +
D17 Green Left Rear Pillar Speaker +
D18 Yellow Constant 12V+


Gray 17 Pin Connector A

A9 Black Ground
A14 Red Switched 12V+
A17 Yellow Constant 12V+

Dark Gray 32 PIN Connector B

B3 Gray/Black Steering Wheel Control Ground
B19 Gray Steering Wheel Control Output


Gray 2 Pin Connector C

Pin Color Function
D2 Black Antenna Signal AM/FM
D3 Blue Antenna Power Input 12V+


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