Upgrade Your Factory Radio

Ready to Upgrade Your Factory Radio?

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Unlike vehicles from the 1990s modern Acura models have complex sound system that require advanced knowledge to manipulate and replace. We can currently help you replace the radio in your Acura TL, MDX and RDX.

The First Step

of any installation/upgrade is planning. That is going to require that you understand everything you need to upgrade your radio. The first step is determining the features you want your new radio to have. We find the most common reasons our customer upgrade is for bluetooth audio streaming and upgrade sound quality. You can browse our radio packages and recommend radios here.

The Second Step

Is to acquire all of the necessary accessories for your installation. We offer a variety of products. We offer plug and play products that require not wiring on your part. If you are more of a DIY’er we also offer accessories which you must wire together. You can find the plug and play products here. The products that require manual wiring can be found here.

The Third Step

Now that you have the radio and accessories necessary you can complete your installation. The Acura line of models have advanced audio systems that may require more effort than you expected. We recommend browsing our youtube videos to make sure you are prepared for the installation.